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Welcome to the International Organisation of Professional Drivers (IOPD)
Involved in motorsport and auto-related leisure activities?
Be licensed to thrill

The IOPD licenses the most amazing powered sports with an authorising permit under Government statutory regulations, thus giving documented lawful authority, and support on Event Safety Plans, Risk Assessment and approved industry standards and procedures.
Established just over 20 years ago The IOPD now issues permits for 15,000 days of activity each year, with over 150,000 participants, across 37 different disciplines, including 4-wheel and 2-wheel motor sport events and arena displays.
So if you are involved in the organisation as a promoter, event organiser or you participate in mechanically propelled vehicle activities, on 2, 4 or any number of wheels and where the public have gained access to your venue you should seriously consider an IOPD Authorisation Permit system.

If you just want simple straight- forward answers to the following questions then here they are:

Q: Is it a criminal offence to be involved with a competitive/aggressive recreational Auto leisure activity or Auto Sport where the public are present?
A: Yes. Unless the Event is “Authorised” (see below for full definition of the term Authorised)

Q: Does this include purpose built Circuits and Stadiums?
A: Yes. Unless the Event is “Authorised”

Q: Is it a criminal offence to drive a mechanically propelled vehicle on private land, where the public are present, without a licence, underage or whilst being disqualified?
A: Yes. Unless the Event is “Authorised”

Q: Is it a criminal offence to drive more than 15 yards from a road without written permission giving lawful authority?
A: Yes. Unless the Event is “Authorised”

Q: Is it a criminal offence to drive a mechanically propelled vehicle where the public are present without a current MoT, Registration Plates and Third Party Road Risk Insurance?
A: Yes. Unless the Event is “Authorised” and fully Insured.

If you want further qualification then read on, or go direct to the Application for Authorisation.
Full definition of the term Authorised:
To be Authorised means having an Authorisation Permit under Special Instrument 1371 of the Road Traffic Act Off Road Event Regulations 1992 issued by one of the 11 Recognised Governing Bodies. These 11 Governing Bodies will have provided an Organiser with an appropriate Authorisation Permit which conforms to the Department for Transport Guidance and it carries legal force to protect against prosecution and gives power to enforce obedience. It must show:

  • The dates and times when the events will take place including all   Practice Days.
  • Where the events will take place, recording the exact curtilage of  the site being Authorised, on a plan including the layout and  direction of the course. The marshal positions and fire points must  also be shown.
  • The name and the signature of the Authorising Agent.
  • A reference number issued by the said Government recognised  Authorising Governing Body and this must be recorded with the Government recognised Authorising Body.
  • The Permit should also carry the address of the Government   recognised Authorising Body and a contact number.

These 11 Governing Bodies are:
1.The Royal Automobile Club (now the Motor Sports Association or MSA),
2.The Amateur Motor Cycle Association Ltd,
3.The Association of Land Rover Clubs Ltd,
4.The Auto Cycle Union Ltd,
5.The British Schoolboy Motorcycle Association,
6.The International Organisation of Professional Drivers Ltd,
7.The National Autograss Sport Association Ltd,
8. NORA 92 Ltd,
9. National Traction Engine Trust,
10.The Youth Motorcycle Sports Association (YMSA) Ltd
11. The Scottish Auto Cycle Union Ltd.
Please note some other Organisations may issue a' Permit' for an event but they are not “Authorisation Permits” and so do not carry any legal force as one issued from one of the 11 Governing Bodies.