Effects of the RTA

Effects of the Road Traffic Act
The IOPD provides event permits and licenses for exemption from prosecution under the RTA.
For organisers and participants, IOPD helps ensure appropriate safety standards are maintained and audited to recognised standards for the police or other enforcement authorities.

But there hasn't been any new legislation!
It is under EXISTING legislation that the police have the right to confiscate and crush vehicles used in contravention of the Road Traffic Act and it is EXISTING legislation that can enable officials to be charged with manslaughter in the event of a fatal incident. Such charges are being pressed and vehicles are being seized.

Who is affected by these draconian measures?
If you operate any off-the-highway events that include mechanically propelled vehicles of any type, the Road Traffic Act as well as Health & Safety at Work legislation now affects you, even if the venue is purpose built.
Although described by some as 'draconian measures', all these sanctions now have precedent in law.

But can this be enforced?
It is being enforced, the Government is encouraging enforcement using existing legislation The current Road Traffic Act covers any mechanically propelled vehicle a category that includes any vehicle capable of moving under its own power, using any number of wheels, or skis or tracks it covers everything.
Likewise, it also covers any public place. This includes open fields and private land through to permanent, purpose-built venues; in fact anywhere, even within a circuit and including the actual Circuit or Arena.

A nightmare.
Not really, the solution is easy with the IOPD, and it's the way forward. Long term organisations following this route are on their way to a more enduring and profitable business providing social benefit and exciting real-world stimulation and distanced from the 'cowboy operators'. The IOPD provides bespoke packages for event organisers' specific requirements for their type of activity, exempting them from prosecution for the most serious Road Traffic Act offences.