Insurers Guide

Insurers Guide

Why has an Authorising Permit now become so important?
The changes in legislation have not only affected show organisers, event coordinators, race officials and participants across the entire spectrum of events and leisure activities that involve ANY type of 'mechanically propelled vehicle'; but also insurance underwriters.
Under the Road Traffic Act, an event organiser, a race director or even the landowner can be prosecuted. As many events include driving that could be considered challenging and therefore dangerous if it were on the highway, then if the event were not authorised such driving would be unlawful.
Consequently, if there then occurred a serious incident resulting in notifiable injury or a fatality, the organiser could face a fine of up to £20,000 or a prison sentence. The IOPD Authorisation Permit puts events into the IOPD authorised system, enabling IOPD Affiliates to demonstrate good practice and providing exemption from prosecution for all those involved with events that are off the highway and involve driving in a way that would be unlawful on the road. With a client affiliated to the IOPD, insurance underwriters can benchmark standards and resist claims of negligence.

Authorisation removes the illegality and perception of irresponsibility
'Authorisation' removes the illegality and unacceptability of placing people in a dangerous and challenging situation; so they may enjoy the stimulation of higher risk off-highway activities. The 'authorisation' process lays down rules and regulations so the risk to the public and those taking part is minimised and endorses the activity as acceptable and permitted by government directive. 
In the event of an incident, if the police or a Health & Safety Officer were successful in bringing any charges, an unauthorised event could be more prone to charges of negligence or dereliction of their duty of care, on the part of the operator and a liability for compensation may subsequently fall to the operator or his insurers to settle. Therefore insurance companies are taking an increasing consideration of organisers' authorised status. Some Insurers mandate an 'Authorisation Permit' as a basic requirement, whilst others provide for Authorisation permits as part of a package of benefits to Clients.
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