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What does a legally recognised Government Authorisation mean:

'Authorisation' allows people to be part of dangerous and challenging situations so they may enjoy the stimulation of high risk off-highway activities and permits them to drive in a manner which otherwise may be deemed dangerous, careless or inconsiderate.
The 'authorisation' process lays down rules and regulations so that the risk to the public and those taking part is minimised.
The Permit of Authorisation can be used pro-activity and passed to Government Officials like Health & Safety Inspectors to help build bridges so that a successful and cost effective event is allowed to take place without ill informed, unachievable regulation.
The Permit of Authorisation can be used pro-activity and passed to the police or a Health & Safety Officer and be of help if the event is unfortunate enough to have an incident and medical assistance is needed. It can be used in the defence against negligence or dereliction on the part of the operator and where a liability for compensation may subsequently fall to the operator or his insurers to settle.
Because compensation can be left for insurers to settle, insurance companies are increasingly taking into consideration organisers' authorised procedures. An unauthorised organiser could be at greater risk of substantial compensation claims, higher premiums and declined cover.


AN IOPD Permit of Authorisation is straightforward to administer and is great value offering:

A. Promoters, venue or event operators help with 

Cost-effective auto leisure events and activities
Freedom from prosecution when running 'challenging' or potentially hazardous events
Established systems and regulations for operating non-road-legal motor vehicles
Statutory legal documentation
Monitoring and guidance for new legislation
Reduced likelihood of claims
Sourcing cost-effective insurance
Clarification of professional relationships
Peace of mind
Potential for less time lost in dealing with problems arising from any of the above
A more professional operation from customers', competitors' and regulators' perspective
More efficient, less costly and therefore a more profitable operation

B. Venue Owners and Landowners, the IOPD brings you:
Protection for errors or omissions by participants
Insulation from prosecution for 'aiding and abetting' of the most serious offences under the Road Traffic Act, in stadiums, circuits, fields, private roads, or private land
Reduced likelihood of claims
For further information about how the need for authorisation came about and how it can be enforced, please click here.
Please also check the risk issues raised in the FAQs page.

C. What do organisers of IOPD authorised events receive?
Exemption from prosecution under sections 1, 2 and 3 of the Road Traffic Act 1992 which includes the six most serious motoring offences, which could lead to imprisonment
Legal title to operate on a hired, leased or loaned site. (The IOPD will provide event rules and regulations on request)
By special provision, annual 365-day authorisation for events conducted frequently or at short notice.
Certification and accreditation for all key officials, providing all the IOPD criteria are met and verified.
The IOPD Event Safety pack
The IOPD Statutory Health and Safety Policy Statement
The IOPD Statutory Health and Safety Risk Assessment
The IOPD Health and Safety in Motorsport booklet
IOPD assistance on a wide range of issues such as health & safety inspections, accident reports, insurance, the law, planning, public relations and environmental compliance.
The IOPD 'officially authorised' stamp to use on promotional and advertising literature relating to the authorised event.A. Promoters, venue or event operators help with  

What is the IOPD?

A regime of safety to ensure legal conformity and legitimisation
The International Organisation of Professional Drivers provides Authorisation Permits to help ensure event organisers, and promoters involved in any type of auto or motorcycle leisure activity, comply with the law and the 1991 Road Traffic Act in particular and thus help to prevent prosecution.

This affects ANY event to which the public has access and involving ANY mechanically propelled vehicle, from micro-bikes to monster trucks
The IOPD was established around 20 years ago to enable responsible event organisers to conform to the new regulations, which commenced from 1992. With the increased use of vehicles in what is seen by many to be anti-social behaviour and the resultant dangers, today the IOPD's role has never been more relevant in contributing a regime of safety to ensure legal conformity and legitimisation. In fulfilling its role to its Affiliates, the IOPD can see the way the wind is blowing on issues that are now getting national focus. Today the only exemption for organisers from the Road Traffic Act is via Permit of Authorisation, in order to avoid conflicting with the law and health & safety issues.

A mechanically propelled vehicle in public place
The term 'Mechanically Propelled Vehicle' (MPV) encompasses all auto-related vehicles, whether they have one, two, three, four, six, eight or any combination of wheels, tracks, skids, skis or even jet thrust. A 'public place' is defined by the Road Traffic Act as any place to which the public can gain access (with or without admission charge) including within a circuit, field or stadium, including all places from which the public are excluded, the infield or track for example.
Remember also that the meaning of a road within the Road Traffic Act is taken to mean “a definable way between two points over which a vehicle could pass”.

The IOPD has seen a sea change, brought about by mounting pressure from the law and health & safety, as they focus their attention on auto and recreational activities when collisions occur. 
In 1991 things began to change for the organisers, promoters and drivers at these events, with the introduction of the Road Traffic Act of 1991. The IOPD was established as a voice for recreational, motorsport, arena and other recreational events that involve any kind of motor vehicle activity.
In the intervening years there has been a gradual increase in the enforcement of existing legislation, which has increasingly been used against 'rogue operators', where a serious incident has occurred, or where complaints have been received. These enforcements have increased to the extent that the majority of IOPD's work involves the issuing of Authorisation Permits to its Affiliates; because the IOPD is also a Statutory Governing Body, authorised by the Secretary of State, these Permits EXEMPT the IOPD Affiliates from prosecution under the most serious sections of the Road Traffic Act, and provide recognised industry standards.
IOPD may issue permits of authorisation to individuals, partnerships, organising clubs, promoters, event organisers, a company or a local authority, including a police authority and provides advice, rules, regulations, codes of practice and documentation covering all aspects of mechanically propelled vehicles. We help enable you to make an event happen and enhance your professionalism. 

Better business for event organisers

There are mounting pressures facing motorsports and auto-related recreational pursuits; from the law, health & safety and environmental issues but also from venue owners and insurers. The IOPD provides bespoke packages for event organisers' specific requirements for their type of activity.

Increased enforcement of existing legislation, but can this be enforced?

It is being enforced; the Government is encouraging enforcement using existing legislation. The current Road Traffic Act covers any mechanically propelled vehicle a category that includes any vehicle capable of moving under its own power. Likewise, it also covers any public place. This includes open fields and private land as well as permanent, purpose-built venues.
A nightmare? Not really, the solution is easy with IOPD, and it's the way forward. Long-term, organisations following this route are on their way to a more enduring and profitable business providing social benefit and exciting real-world stimulation and are distanced from the 'cowboy operators' with poor safety standards.
The IOPD also assists with:
Corporate manslaughter defence and coroners' court reports
Planning, noise abatement and other enforcement agencies' issues
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